Sustaining the Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer

People who never fail aren’t trying hard enough. They’re not putting themselves out there. They’re playing in the sandbox when the whole yard waits to be explored. Not trying is a form of failure.


So if you’ve ever failed, then congratulate yourself. You had the guts to attempt something when so many other people won’t even get to that first step. But what happens to many people when they fail? They tell themselves they were stupid to even try. They say they should have known better. Negative internal feedback can break a person’s spirit.


On the other hand, changing that mindset to one of, “I missed something. I need to try again” can change your entire outlook. The internal dialogue you feed yourself can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy.


Never Give Up


So what happens when you set out to succeed as an Internet marketer and you’re met with failure? If you listen to negative internal dialogue, you won’t get back up from that fall. But if you see failure as one more step forward to figuring out what will work, then you’ll find the success that you’re seeking.


Everyone in life who has ever done anything big has failed. But they didn’t let that failure define them in their minds. Failure doesn’t have to be the period at the end of an attempt. Instead, failure can be the teacher that shows you a way that won’t work and spurs you to keep looking for a way that does.


It’s all in the mindset. If you’ve failed in some way with marketing – the surefire method you had that didn’t work – the product that didn’t sell – the traffic that never materialized – that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you have to figure out what element of it didn’t work.


Figuring it Out


Maybe you went into marketing not understanding all that you needed to know about promoting and the hundred and one other details that can make or break you in the world of marketing.


Perhaps you didn’t do enough homework before you launched the product. That doesn’t mean the door is closed permanently. It means that you need to hit the drawing board again with a new way of doing things.


But while you’re trying and working toward success, you have to keep your mind on the eventual outcome, not the little setbacks that are part of every business. Keep your eyes on the end goal – becoming a successful marketer – and use anything that’s less than success as your helper – the thing that teaches you perseverance and a way to come up with a better method.

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